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old charm bracelet, Sterling Charm Bracelet 10 Charms 1960 Era



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This is a Sterling Charm Bracelet with 10 Charms. Charms are no antique charmst marked Sterling o antique charmsr at least I co antique charmsuld no antique charmst find the mark, but they do antique charms lo antique charmso antique charmsk like Sterling. The Girl has a date o antique charmsn it o antique charmsf 10-10-63. The bracelet is marked Sterling. Charms are as fo antique charmsllo antique charmsws: Castle, Mallet, Girl, Artist Pallet, Bo antique charmswling Pin and Ball, PTA Chalkbo antique charmsard, Scho antique charmso antique charmsl Ho antique charmsuse, Ohio antique charms Diamo antique charmsnd Jubilee, Spark Plug, and a Gardner's To antique charmso antique charmsl. All in go antique charmso antique charmsd co antique charmsnditio antique charmsn. It weighs 45 Grams. If yo antique charmsu have any mo antique charmsre questio antique charmsns please ask befo antique charmsre yo antique charmsu purchase. I ship to antique charms the USA. No antique charms Internatio antique charmsnal. I also antique charms insure all o antique charmsf my packages to antique charms the USA to antique charms make sure that they arrive to antique charms yo antique charmsu safely. Thanks fo antique charmsr lo antique charmso antique charmsking.

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