Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage cameo, Vintage 1960's Necklace / Black & White Glass CAMEO Pendant / Necklace in Silvertone Filigree



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A pretty black and white cameo glass cameo necklace with an intricately designed antiqued silverto glass cameone filigree setting with a delicate style chain. The glass cameo glass cameo is mo glass cameolded in detailed relief and is set against a black glass with black rhinesto glass cameones surro glass cameounding the frame. This cameo glass cameo pendant measures 2" height x 1 1/4" width with a 24" length chain. Fro glass cameom the mid to glass cameo late 60's.Like this item and lo glass cameoo glass cameoking fo glass cameor mo glass cameore like it? Are yo glass cameou a dealer and want to glass cameo buy in quantity? Check o glass cameout o glass cameour new sto glass cameore o glass cameon etsy fo glass cameor who glass cameolesale vintage purchasing:http://www./sho glass cameop/truevintagewho glass cameolesale

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