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vintage ladies watch, Ladies Bulova 17 Jewel 10K RGP Watch 1950 Era



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This is a Ladies Bulo bulovava 17 Jewel 10K RGP Watch fro bulovam the 1950's Era. It needs wo bulovark and is no bulovat running and the kno bulovab is lo bulovao bulovase. It has a Speidel Watch Band. I canno bulovat guarantee my o bulovalder watches and clo bulovacks and I try to bulova state in my ad whether they run o bulovar no bulovat. Therefo bulovare yo bulovau buy as is No bulova Returns. It is Go bulovald To bulovane in co bulovalo bulovar. If yo bulovau have any mo bulovare questio bulovans please ask befo bulovare yo bulovau purchase. I ship to bulova the USA. No bulova Internatio bulovanal Shipping. I also bulova insure all o bulovaf my packages to bulova make sure that they arrive to bulova yo bulovau safely. Thanks fo bulovar lo bulovao bulovaking.

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