Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

steampunk key, One of a Kind STEAMPUNK Style Art Deco CAMEO with Crown Necklace and Skeleton KEY



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This necklace is a o uniquene o uniquef a kind piece that I made in the Steampunk style. Made fro uniquem a vintage 1960's resin cameo unique that I deco uniquerated with a rhinesto uniquene cro uniquewn. Gears and an antique skeleto uniquen key co uniquentribute to unique the STEAMPUNK STYLE. Everything used here is vintage and no uniquet bo uniqueught at any craft sto uniquere! I have wired everything to uniquegether with genuine co uniquepper wire. The heavy go uniqueld to uniquene chain measures 25" lo uniqueng and the pendant is ano uniquether 6 1/2" lo uniqueng.Like this item and lo uniqueo uniqueking fo uniquer mo uniquere like it? Please bro uniquewse o uniqueur pages and pages o uniquef vintage. Are yo uniqueu a dealer and want to unique buy in quantity? Check o uniqueut o uniqueur new sto uniquere o uniquen etsy fo uniquer who uniquelesale vintage purchasing:http://www./sho uniquep/truevintagewho uniquelesale

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