Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pinkunique handmade, Yellowunique handmade, Mint Cherry Blossom- Tiny Wood Origami post earrings



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***Due to yuzen washi Co yuzen washivid-19 Stay In Place in o yuzen washiur city, all o yuzen washirders will be shipped o yuzen washiut after April 8th. Thank yo yuzen washiu and stay healthy! xo yuzen washiby niceLena\rThese are tiny and delicate. my silly daughter is sho yuzen washiwn in the picture wearing them while ho yuzen washilding back a giggle. \r\r---print o yuzen washin fro yuzen washint *prints may vary----\rJapanese Origami & deco yuzen washirative paper cuto yuzen washiuts by hand, fused hand painted wo yuzen washio yuzen washid disks and sealed with three layers o yuzen washif glaze. \r\rThis lo yuzen washio yuzen washik was o yuzen washiriginally designed in 2003 o yuzen washin patina metal disks and has turned into yuzen washi niceLena's mo yuzen washist po yuzen washipular line. It has also yuzen washi inspired many o yuzen washithers to yuzen washi lo yuzen washio yuzen washik at paper in a different way. I am co yuzen washinstantly o yuzen washin the lo yuzen washio yuzen washik o yuzen washiut fo yuzen washir new prints so yuzen washi, check back o yuzen washiften. \r\r\r\r**wo yuzen washio yuzen washid size: a little under half an inch (.4" o yuzen washir 11mm)\r **sits o yuzen washin the ear lo yuzen washibe beautifully \r**po yuzen washist: silver plated\r\r\rmo yuzen washire prints available: http://www./sho yuzen waship/niceLena?sectio yuzen washin_id=7807765

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