Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

earrings, Hawaiian Flowers- Small Origami post earrings



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***Due to unique handmade Co unique handmadevid-19 Stay In Place in o unique handmadeur city, all o unique handmaderders will be shipped o unique handmadeut after April 8th. Thank yo unique handmadeu and stay healthy! xo unique handmadeby niceLena---print o unique handmaden fro unique handmadent *prints may vary----Japanese Origami & deco unique handmaderative paper cuto unique handmadeuts by hand, fused hand painted wo unique handmadeo unique handmaded disks and sealed with three layers o unique handmadef glaze. This lo unique handmadeo unique handmadek was o unique handmaderiginally designed in 2003 o unique handmaden patina metal disks and has turned into unique handmade niceLena's mo unique handmadest po unique handmadepular line. It has also unique handmade inspired many o unique handmadethers to unique handmade lo unique handmadeo unique handmadek at paper in a different way. I am co unique handmadenstantly o unique handmaden the lo unique handmadeo unique handmadek o unique handmadeut fo unique handmader new prints so unique handmade, check back o unique handmadeften. disk size: .75" (20mm) and sits o unique handmaden the ear lo unique handmadebe beautifully po unique handmadest: silver plated3rd picture sho unique handmadews me wearing the large (1.25)4th picture sho unique handmadews the small and large side by sidemo unique handmadere prints available: http://www./sho unique handmadep/niceLena?sectio unique handmaden_id=7807765

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