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antique charms, Boat Lovers Indiana Ohio Sterling Charm Bracelet 6 Charms 1960 Etsy



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This is a Bo sterling charmsat Lo sterling charmsvers Indiana Ohio sterling charms Sterling Charm Bracelet with 6 Charms. No sterling charmst all Charms are marked Sterling o sterling charmsr at least I co sterling charmsuld no sterling charmst find the mark. There are 2 Bo sterling charmsats, 1 Ho sterling charmsur Glass, I Indiana Charm, 1 Ohio sterling charms Charm and 1 June Birthsto sterling charmsne Charm. The June Birthsto sterling charmsne and the Ho sterling charmsur Glass I fo sterling charmsund marks o sterling charmsn. All in go sterling charmso sterling charmsd co sterling charmsnditio sterling charmsn. It weighs 20.2 Grams.This has been sto sterling charmsred away in a jewelry bo sterling charmsx since the 1960's. If yo sterling charmsu have any mo sterling charmsre questio sterling charmsns please ask befo sterling charmsre yo sterling charmsu purchase. I ship to sterling charms the USA. No sterling charms Internatio sterling charmsnal. I also sterling charms insure all o sterling charmsf my packages to sterling charms the USA to sterling charms make sure that they arrive to sterling charms yo sterling charmsu safely. Thanks fo sterling charmsr lo sterling charmso sterling charmsking.

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