Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chevron, Hand painted Turquoise Triangle on Metallic Copper Hoop Earrings



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***Due to color block Co color blockvid-19 Stay In Place in o color blockur city, all o color blockrders will be shipped o color blockut after April 8th. Thank yo color blocku and stay healthy! xo color blockDelicate, simple, and mo color blockdern- these earrings will add just the right amo color blockunt o color blockf co color blocklo color blockr and print to color block any o color blockutfit. \r\rI painted these with acrylic paint and sealed it with varnish. Each piece is painted to color block o color blockrder so color block slight variatio color blockns may o color blockccur.\r\rSize: Circle wo color blocko color blockd disks are aro color blockund 1.25"\rTo color blocktal: 2.5"\rSilver surgical ear wire with go color blockld co color blockil accent\r\r\rMo color blockre co color blocklo color blockrs are co color blockming.

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