Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bracelet, Vintage Tribal Bronze and Shell Cuff Bracelet. Large statement bracelet. Vintage boho bracelet. Fall fashion. Boho bracelet.



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Fo bronze braceletr yo bronze braceletur co bronze braceletnsideratio bronze braceletn, is this amazing bro bronze braceletnze and what I think\ris synthetic bo bronze braceletne, o bronze braceletr acrylic, bracelet, meant to bronze bracelet lo bronze braceleto bronze braceletk like bo bronze braceletne.\r\rI must admit, it's pretty co bronze braceletnvincing, and a really great piece!\r\rAbo bronze braceletut:\r\rMaterials: Bro bronze braceletnze, Bo bronze braceletne o bronze braceletr Shell/Acrylic\rMeasurements: Inside Diameter: 2.5", Outside Diameter, Width: 1"\r\r++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++\r\r_______________________________________________________________________________\r\rShipping: All o bronze braceletrders are shipped within 3-5 days o bronze braceletf purchase. Co bronze braceletmbined shipping o bronze braceletn items is no bronze bracelett a pro bronze braceletblem, just co bronze braceletnvo bronze bracelet fo bronze braceletr the co bronze braceletst to bronze bracelet save.\r\rReturns: All sales are Final.\r\rAll o bronze braceletf the items in my sho bronze braceletp are in vintage rustic co bronze braceletnditio bronze braceletn. They are no bronze bracelett brand new, and may have scratches, scuffs, patinas that enhance as they age. I try to bronze bracelet describe items accurately, and describe any flaws that a piece may have. Everything is so bronze braceletld "AS-IS".\r\rPlease check o bronze braceletut my sho bronze braceletp po bronze braceletlicies fo bronze braceletr further info bronze bracelet.\r\r______________________________________________________________________________\r\rCheck o bronze braceletut my blo bronze braceletg here: http://to bronze braceletuchthedutch.blo bronze braceletgspo bronze\r\rCheck o bronze braceletut my o bronze braceletther etsy sho bronze braceletp featuring my artwo bronze braceletrk: http://www./sho bronze braceletp/to bronze braceletuchthedutch\r\rThanks fo bronze braceletr lo bronze braceleto bronze braceletking and Take care!

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