Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet US Flagvintage sterling, Stockingvintage sterling, Musicvintage sterling, Tennis and More 1970 Era



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This is a Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet with the fo sterling silverllo sterling silverwing charms o sterling silvern it, a US Flag 1776-1976, A Christmas Sto sterling silvercking, a Music No sterling silverte, A Mustard Seed, and Tennis Racket with a Pearl attached fo sterling silverr the tennis ball, and a Canada Leaf. 1970's Era. All in go sterling silvero sterling silverd clean co sterling silvernditio sterling silvern. The bracelet measures appro sterling silverx. 7 inches lo sterling silverng. If yo sterling silveru have any mo sterling silverre questio sterling silverns please ask befo sterling silverre yo sterling silveru purchase. I ship to sterling silver the USA. No sterling silver Internatio sterling silvernal. I also sterling silver insure all o sterling silverf my packages to sterling silver the USA to sterling silver make sure that they arrive to sterling silver yo sterling silveru safely. Thanks fo sterling silverr lo sterling silvero sterling silverking.

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