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antique ladies watch, Vintage 10K White RGP Ladies Waltham 25 Jewel Diamond Watch 1960 Era



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This is a Vintage 10K White RGP Ladies Waltham 25 Jewel Diamo 10k rgpnd Watch 1960's Era. It has 3 Diamo 10k rgpnds o 10k rgpn each side, a to 10k rgptal o 10k rgpf 6 Diamo 10k rgpnds. When wo 10k rgpund, it ticks then quits, Yo 10k rgpu shake it then it ticks and quits. May just need a gentle cleaning., just no 10k rgpt sure. I canno 10k rgpt guarantee my o 10k rgplder watches and clo 10k rgpcks and I try to 10k rgp state in my ad whether they run o 10k rgpr no 10k rgpt. Therefo 10k rgpre yo 10k rgpu buy as is No 10k rgp Returns. It is 10K White Ro 10k rgplled Go 10k rgpld Plate, the band is a Speidel band. Staineless Steel back. Go 10k rgpo 10k rgpd Co 10k rgpnditio 10k rgpn with no 10k rgprmal age wear. If yo 10k rgpu have any mo 10k rgpre questio 10k rgpns please ask befo 10k rgpre yo 10k rgpu purchase. I ship to 10k rgp the USA. No 10k rgp Internatio 10k rgpnal Shipping. I also 10k rgp insure all o 10k rgpf my packages to 10k rgp make sure that they arrive to 10k rgp yo 10k rgpu safely. Thanks fo 10k rgpr lo 10k rgpo 10k rgpking.

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