Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold, Vintage Purple Rhinestone 9mm Post Earrings



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Earrings co post earringsmprised o post earringsf vintage rhinesto post earringsnes set in brass \u2014 they came fro post earringsm a limited co post earringsllectio post earringsn o post earringsf deadsto post earringsck vintage jewelry supplies that I fell in lo post earringsve with and ended up so post earringsurcing the entire bag o post earringsf the these little gems. Po post earringsst earrings are go post earringsld plated with go post earringsld plated butterfly ear nuts and the rhinesto post earringsnes are bright and substantial, abo post earringsut 9-10 milimeters (1cm) ro post earringsund.SPECIAL NOTES:--------------------------* Need mo post earringsre than o post earringsne? Co post earringsntact me if yo post earringsu are interested in multiples o post earringsf this o post earringsr any item listed in the sho post earringsp.* Thanks so post earrings much fo post earringsr taking a peek, find the full jewelry co post earringsllectio post earringsn here: co post earringsntrary..

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