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webster watch, Vintage Webster Pendant Pocket Watch with Sarah Coventry Chain 1960 Era



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This is a Vintage Webster Pendant Po vintage watchcket Watch with Sarah Co vintage watchventry Chain Late 1960's early 1970's . It measures appro vintage watchx. 1 1/2 inches acro vintage watchss. It is in go vintage watcho vintage watchd co vintage watchnditio vintage watchn o vintage watchverall but do vintage watches no vintage watcht run so vintage watch will need repaired. No vintage watchrmal age wear. It is Antimagnetic. Light Go vintage watchld To vintage watchne in co vintage watchlo vintage watchr and Go vintage watchld numbers o vintage watchn the dial and Go vintage watchld Ho vintage watchur and Minute Hand. It is Swiss Made . The back side is etched a Victo vintage watchrian Style. Has a see thru heart o vintage watchn the fro vintage watchnt o vintage watchf the watch alo vintage watchng with a faux diamo vintage watchnd in the center o vintage watchf the dial. The chain measures appro vintage watchx. 24 inches aro vintage watchund. It has been sto vintage watchred in a jewelry bo vintage watchx. If yo vintage watchu have any mo vintage watchre questio vintage watchns please ask befo vintage watchre yo vintage watchu purchase. I ship to vintage watch the USA. No vintage watch Internatio vintage watchnal Shipping. I also vintage watch insure all o vintage watchf my packges to vintage watch make sure that they arrive to vintage watch yo vintage watchu safely. Thanks fo vintage watchr lo vintage watcho vintage watchking.

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