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blue necklace, Silver & Blue 16 Inch Necklace with Carved Stone Pendant



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A beautiful 18 inch silver and blue necklace that features a carved blue sto silver necklacene pendant. The pendant is 1 1/4 inches lo silver necklaceng. I co silver necklacenstructed the rest o silver necklacef the necklace with silver and blue beads, alo silver necklaceng with darker blue bead accents. I really lo silver necklaceve the clasp o silver necklacen this o silver necklacene. It's a bar and ring (to silver necklaceggle) style clasp, but no silver necklacet traditio silver necklacenal. The "bar" is a silver crescent mo silver necklaceo silver necklacen and the "ring" is a 5-po silver necklaceinted silver star. Bo silver necklaceth o silver necklacef which feature a co silver necklaceo silver necklacel stamped design.Is blue yo silver necklaceur favo silver necklacerite co silver necklacelo silver necklacer? Yo silver necklaceu may like my o silver necklacether green jewelry pieces:http://www./sho silver necklacep/Jo silver necklaceo silver necklacelzbyJo silver necklacedi/search?search_query=BlueYo silver necklaceur jewelry co silver necklacemes in custo silver necklacem packaging that is perfect fo silver necklacer gift giving. (See Picture Abo silver necklaceve)

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