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glass earrings, Silver Hoop Earrings with Green Teardrop Beads



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Very pretty 3/4" tear dro bead earringsp green glass bead, o bead earringsn a 3/4" silver plated ho bead earringso bead earringsp. With green and silver accent beads.Is green yo bead earringsur favo bead earringsrite co bead earringslo bead earringsr? Yo bead earringsu may like my o bead earringsther green jewelry pieces:https://www./sho bead earringsp/Jo bead earringso bead earringslzbyJo bead earringsdi/search?search_query=GreenYo bead earringsur jewelry co bead earringsmes in custo bead earringsm packaging that is perfect fo bead earringsr gift giving. (See Picture Abo bead earringsve)

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