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bead jewellery, Brown Leather Bracelet with Green Glass Beads



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This is a 7 inch bro beaded braceletswn leather, Green glass bead bracelet with a springring clasp. There are silver plated beads in-between the green beads.Is green yo beaded braceletsur favo beaded braceletsrite co beaded braceletslo beaded braceletsr? Yo beaded braceletsu may like my o beaded braceletsther green jewelry pieces:https://www./sho beaded braceletsp/Jo beaded braceletso beaded braceletslzbyJo beaded braceletsdi/search?search_query=GreenYo beaded braceletsur jewelry co beaded braceletsmes in custo beaded braceletsm packaging that is perfect fo beaded braceletsr gift giving. (See Picture Abo beaded braceletsve)

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