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beaded bracelet, 3 Strand Wrap Bracelet with Dark Green & Gold Beads



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This is an unusual bracelet as it can wrap aro bead jewelleryund yo bead jewelleryur wrist 3 times, o bead jewelleryr can be wo bead jewelleryrn as an 11 inch necklace. Beautiful dark green glass seed beads mixed with go bead jewelleryld plated flat ro bead jewelleryund beads. It has a go bead jewelleryld plated bar and ring (to bead jewelleryggle) clasp fo bead jewelleryr ease o bead jewelleryf use.Is green yo bead jewelleryur favo bead jewelleryrite co bead jewellerylo bead jewelleryr? Yo bead jewelleryu may like my o bead jewelleryther green jewelry pieces:https://www./sho bead jewelleryp/Jo bead jewelleryo bead jewellerylzbyJo bead jewellerydi/search?search_query=GreenYo bead jewelleryur jewelry co bead jewellerymes in custo bead jewellerym packaging that is perfect fo bead jewelleryr gift giving. (See Picture Abo bead jewelleryve)

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