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jewelry, Sterling 925 Butterfly Pendant also has Turquoise and Yellowish Green Stones



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This is a .925 Butterfly Pendant also butterfly has Turquo butterflyise and Yello butterflywish Green Sto butterflynes. It is marked .925 fo butterflyr Sterling and CZ o butterflyn the back fo butterflyr Cubic Zirco butterflynia. Yello butterflyw Go butterflyld co butterflylo butterflyr o butterflyver the Sterling. It is a pendant witho butterflyut a chain. Alo butterflyng with the Cubic Zirco butterflynia sto butterflynes there are a 2 Turquo butterflyise Sto butterflynes and 2 Yello butterflywish Green sto butterflynes o butterflyn the pendant. It measures appro butterflyx. 1 inches by 1 inch. I ship to butterfly the USA. No butterfly Internatio butterflynal shipping. I also butterfly insure all o butterflyf my packages to butterfly the USA to butterfly make sure that they arrive to butterfly yo butterflyu safely. Any questio butterflyns, please ask befo butterflyre purchasing. Thanks fo butterflyr lo butterflyo butterflyking.

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