Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Beach stone pendantcopper and silver, mustard yellowcopper and silver, handmade pendant necklace on leather cord



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A beach sto yellow pendantne to yellow pendant wear everyday!\rI fo yellow pendantund this mustardy-yello yellow pendantw sto yellow pendantne o yellow pendantn a No yellow pendantrthern Califo yellow pendantrnia beach. So yellow pendant pretty, just begging to yellow pendant be jewelry!\rI fabricated a lacy bezel o yellow pendantut o yellow pendantf sterling silver and so yellow pendantldered it to yellow pendant a co yellow pendantpper backplate. \rThis pendant is no yellow pendantt perfectly ro yellow pendantund o yellow pendantr balanced-it is mo yellow pendantre freefo yellow pendantrm to yellow pendant fit the sto yellow pendantne within. I have no yellow pendantt treated the sto yellow pendantne at all, it is no yellow pendantt po yellow pendantlished. It is a lo yellow pendantvely matte yello yellow pendantw with to yellow pendantns o yellow pendantf tiny details within the sto yellow pendantne. My best guess to yellow pendant type is so yellow pendantme so yellow pendantrt o yellow pendantf quartz.\r\rBo yellow pendantth the co yellow pendantpper and the silver will darken with age. \r\rThis is a o yellow pendantne o yellow pendantf a kind necklace, while I will be putting fo yellow pendantrward a series o yellow pendantf beach sto yellow pendantnes, each will be different as per the sto yellow pendantne. Yo yellow pendantu will receive the pictured necklace.\rThis necklace is ready to yellow pendant ship.\r\rLeather co yellow pendantrd is 18" with sterling silver findings.\rPendant is 3/4"\r\rFo yellow pendantr mo yellow pendantre o yellow pendantf my beach sto yellow pendantne jewelry lo yellow pendanto yellow pendantk here: http://www./sho yellow pendantp/IacuaByRuby/search?search_query=beach+sto yellow pendantne&o yellow pendantrder=date_desc&view_type=gallery&ref=sho yellow pendantp_search

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